Artisanal Jewlery

Artisan handcrafted jewelry is made by a person instead of a machine. With all of the developments in technologies, it seems less likely in the times we’re in to find true artisans who take pride in the aspect of craftsmanship. Yet, for those who appreciate the finer details of customization, buying artisan handmade jewelry is definitely a better way to go.

First of all, artisan handcrafted jewelry focuses more on the quality of the item, rather than the quantity. A machine can crank out pre-fabricated jewelry pieces made from silver and other metals at a much faster pace than an individual jewelry designer can. However, the price difference usually reflects this because those very same machine-made models are often sold much cheaper than you would find in an artisan handmade jewelry item. The quality of the artisan will be far superior because the craftsperson took the time and attention to detail to perfect the outcome, rather than worrying about how many they can make within a certain time frame. Hence, the prices can vary greatly.

Most handcrafted jewelry designers operate their own business and have their own workshops. They are set up to be independents and strive for exclusivity with certain stores. This brings greater value and credibility to their jewelry designs, enabling a jewelry artisan to become known as a jewelry designer and not just a factory worker who pumps out masses of silver jewelry by the hour.

Another benefit of the artisan handcrafted jewelry designer is in their ability to provide better service to customers. Instead of calling an 800# and getting placed on hold, customers can physically speak to the designer and ask for customization options. Commercialized businesses do not often have a high level of service in comparison.

Even the business itself is much more simplified with a jewelry designer than with a big jewelry franchise company. When you click on the website of a private jewelry artisan, you will less choices and probably better photographs. The site will be easier to navigate than hunting for hours on one of those giant jewelry portals. You can ask a question without getting an automated response. How nice is that?

Handcrafted jewelry artisans are less likely to offer wholesale options. They may have one or two stores who represent their work, but are not able to achieve high output like the mass produced jewelry market. For the customers this is great because they can be sure that not many other people will be wearing the same jewelry item. The silver rings, silver pendants, silver earrings, silver bracelets and all of the items they create will be one-of-a kind items, making them rare and more desirable.

With so many pros and very few cons, choosing artisan handcrafted jewelry certainly looks like a better option than buying jewelry from any of the major stores. There is a time and place for those stores, but with careful preparation you can find something perfect and tailored to suit you instead of copied by a million other people who will be wearing the same thing. (Article by Mike Nelson)